About MyPrimeThemes

How did MyPrimeThemes come about? It all began with us, a group of internet specialists who love WordPress. We appreciate how much easier having a website is, thanks to this particular open source content management system. WordPress certainly makes our work easier!

However, as great wordpress is, we know the default themes it offers may not be quite as what you have expected. We want to have themes that are more interesting and would leave a striking impression online. We also wish to use themes that are easy to modify and customize.

Since we are not happy with some of its available choices, we decided to look for themes from other sources. Through each source’s affiliate program, we are able to collect them all in our website and eventually share it with others. We also want you to have a wide array of high quality themes to choose from so you can have an impressive website that will strengthen your online presence. Thus, MyPrimesThemes was born.

At present, MyPrimeThemes community is continuously growing and we hope that you also become a part of our extended family.